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People keep asking Dean about the brewery. "Is it set up yet? Is it running??", etc. Well I'm looking through the wee doorway into the back room now, and I can confirm that... uh... hey, it's actually looking pretty awesome. Heck, it's almost like a proper commercial enterprise back there! 


Dean's been spending a lot of time with it. He's been climbing around all the machinery, treating it like some kind of (super-expensive) personal gym. Apparently it's all working OK but "he needs more valves". And we're like "we need more beer", you know? Like, "make us some more beer please Dean". So we'll keep putting that pressure on him, I guess. Watch this space.

In other news, given the terrible troubles the people of Nelson have been through lately, we are graciously sending a disaster relief package in the form of some Marchfest kegs. And maybe you're thinking "but you were gonna do that anyway", and we'd maybe be like "OK, busted, yeah we were" but still it's the beer that counts, and this is really some excellent beer. It's like a coconut/chocolate/raspberry brown ale. If that sounds too complicated, just close your eyes and think about a raspberry Bounty bar. Yeah? You get it now? It's called the Mean Bounty (Raspberry Horizon), and no worries, you're welcome. 

Just save some for the Fire Service, they probably need it more than the rest of you.


Mean Taps

Mean Juice

5.7% ABV

Some people say they don't like hazy pale ales. They reckon they look weird, or that the massive fruit flavours are too intense. Some other people say there's no accounting for taste.

Both of these groups of people are wrong. Hazy New England style pale ales are awesome, there IS accounting for taste, and we are watching you. You have been warned.

Mean XPA

5.5% ABV

Good lord, these tasting notes. "Pours a light gold", okay well that is literally true. "Aromas of lime with hints of pine and earthiness", I mean... it smells like fruit and trees? And... dirt? Maybe. Maybe there's a whole ecosystem of taste happening here, I don't know. TBH my sense of smell is a bit wrecked (don't smoke cigarettes kids, they're bad for you).

For me an XPA is a seasonal thing. When an independent brewery starts bringing out an XPA, you know it's gonna be T-shirt weather.

Come on, Wellington. T-shirt weather. We're waiting!

Mean IPA

6.8% ABV

Because you need an IPA, don’t you? You do. I mean a brewery needs an IPA, sure, that’s just basic business sense. But you, the people, you need this too.

This IPA is deep and golden, it has all kinds of citrus in it, but also with a clean, balanced bitterness. It’s like a balm for your weary soul. I have seen people cheer up, very quickly, upon tasting this IPA (true story).


4.7% ABV

Where do you draw the line, between a lager and a wheat beer? Does it matter? Do you need to draw lines between everything?

You seem anxious about this. I'm sorry for raising the issue. Here, relax. Drink a Mean Summer. It's floral and hazy, and it sort of tastes like citrus, or something.

There, see? All better now.

(& have you noticed all this warm weather we've been having!? Phew!)

Mean Prototype #8 - Mean Summer Rosé

4.7% ABV

Just quickly now. No, sit still a second, this is important. We have tasty and delicious beer for you, or maybe not. Maybe it sucks. That’s pretty much the definition of a Mean Prototype - small batches of tomorrow’s beers, today.

This one’s a spesh raspberry edition of Mean Summer, plus it's pink. And yum. And pink. Available at the shop for a limited time. May contain traces of totally awesome.


Guest Taps

Brave Brewing - Neighbourhood Brown

5.7% ABV

Our oldest recipe, dating back to Matt's Days brewing in the courtyard of his flat block on Dominion Rd, to the delight of his neighbors. This one is dark, rich and full of toffee, chocolate and citrusy hops. Share some with your Neighbour.

Bassline Brewing - Double Black Days

6.9% ABV

A yearly seasonal double-version of our core range beer Black Days. Black Days is a full bodied chocolate vanilla stout, brewed with a truckload of fair trade cacao nibs and vanilla pods. This beer is like drinking a liquid chocolate bar, with a nice roasty, dark-chocolate bitterness at the end that plays in harmony with a well-crafted stout. This double version is big and delicious.

Waitoa Social Club - Kia Ora Pilsner

5.2% ABV

Crisp, clean and refreshing. Our New Zealand Pilsner shows of Motueka and Nelson Sauvin giving it hints of white wine and citrus. Best enjoyed on a hot summers day

Duncan’s - Whippy IPA

6.3% ABV

A mango Lassi of East Coast IPAs. Brewed with mango, vanilla, lactose and a tonne of tropical fruity hops.

Whistling Sisters - Riveting Rosé

5.8% ABV

Reminiscent of a fine rosé champagne - Riveting Rosé celebrates that Summer is officially around the corner.
Heavy mash of NZ Wheat Malt and the addition of summer berries have resulted in a traditionally unfiltered cloudy purple orange blush brut style wit beer.
Expect a creamy mouth feel with delicate and refreshing berry balanced and a lingering dry tart finish,… you are left wanting more.

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About Them

This is the start of something, probably.

This is two ordinary people, opening a new business. 

Just regular people, like you or me, except they're making very, very good beer.


is the Brewer. After many years of “regular career”, and a very short-lived sideline as an house music producer – we haven't forgotten, Dean – he developed this compulsion for creating his own brews. 


This was in 2013, maybe? No-one's sure of the exact time-line. He had a basement set-up and a 30 litre starter kit, and at first we were all like “oh sweet, free beer”. But then he kept going. 

From that 30-litre, to a two vessel pot system, to a Grainfather, he just kept going. He was brewing on his own, he was brewing in all these various partnerships... there was a pumpkin beer which exploded all over my kitchen (true story), but apart from that one mishap the beers were coming out better and better. All sorts of beers, varieties we'd never even heard of.

When he got Second Place (i.e. First Loser) at Wellington Brew Day – that was in 2015 or 2016 – that's when people got worried. And then later, when a keg of his beer debuted at Bebemos and sold out in less than two hours – again, we were concerned. It was clearly turning into a thing.

Now, with a premises in the Wellington CBD, and powered by several tons of Chinese steel, we could not stop this man... not even if we wanted to.



is the Boss of the operation.

If you like the way the shop looks, smells, or “feels”, that's down to her. 

If you like the concepts and the general style, that's her too.

In fact pretty much everything to do with this company, which isn't the beer? That's Kerry*.


* Kerry would also like some credit for the beer.



Opening Hours

Refer special holiday opening hours in ‘News’

Monday - closed
Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - 12pm - 7pm

Thursday - 12pm - 7pm

Friday - 12pm - 8pm

Saturday - 11am - 8pm

Sunday - 11am - 5pm

Contact Us

Address 130 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington, NZ

If you would like to know more about our brews and other products or if you would like to place an order please send us a message.

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