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Chill Mike, our favourite unpaid overworked copywriter, seems to be too busy to update the news, so I, your brewer, have commandeered this section of the website.

News? What news? There is only:


This year we’re taking nine taps of awesomeness, including two nitro beers, our Winter Ales Festival 9.7% Doppelbock, and a special barrelled collaboration with Bassline Brewing. Get this: an imperial spiced red ale, barrelled for two months in a French oak Martinborough chardonnay barrel. Bassline Brewing will be pouring the same red ale but theirs has spent two months in a pinot noir barrel instead.

Plus, we’re super stoked to be cosied up on the Beervana concourse next to our favourite Nashville spicy chicken specialists, Soul Shack. We’ve brewed up a special Beervana edition of Mean Haze to pair with their freakin’ awesome ‘thugget’ cones and it’ll be one of the beers on nitro.

The fastest way to the Mean Doses stand will be to avert your eyes from the inevitable extravaganza (which, admittedly, will be guaranteed funkycooledness) on the left and turn right upon entering the stadium. Then just let your nose follow the wafting aroma of Nashville fried chicken until you come across just the right mix of purply-palm-tree’d-pinkiness.

Bonus news: Kveik!

Who knows how you say it? Norwegians probably do, but I do not. Regardless, I’ve been having lots of fun playing with this new, old yeast which pumps out pineapple esters, hense the abundance of ’tropical’ flavoured beers from Mean Doses at the moment. I can’t wait to get this yeast into some summer beers.


Mean Taps

Mount Brewing - Crazy Hazy Daze

6.0% ABV

Finding it hard to tell the real IPAs from the imitations? Yeah, it's a Thing these days.

This spring we decided to hand things over to a beer that's a little more even-tempered. Made with some foreign yeast (I think it said "Norge" on the side), and fermented to the slow pulse of a bass guitar (OK, not really), this is a beverage you can trust to know what's what - easy bitterness with orange citrus and minty lemongrass flavours.

Whether you're lighting up the town, getting tied up with some friends or just sitting back and losing at chess, this beer has got your back.

Mean Juice

5.7% ABV

Some people say they don't like hazy pale ales. They reckon they look weird, or that the massive fruit flavours are too intense. Some other people say there's no accounting for taste.

Both of these groups of people are wrong. Hazy 'New England style' pale ales are awesome, there IS accounting for taste, and we are watching you. You have been warned.

Mean Porter

5.0% ABV

This one is easy going (NB a porter, not a stout). It's sessionable, you've got a mild thing happening here; bittersweet, a bit chocolate-y.

You could take this beer to a sick relative. You could drink responsible amounts of this while looking after other people's children.

It's that kind of beer.

Mean Bounty


Welcome aboard the HMS Mean Bounty.

As you might have guessed, it's generally about the chocolate and coconut (which is possibly a fruit), and this Raspberry Horizon edition is all about the raspberry (definitely a fruit).

It's yummy, it's brown, it's lighter than a stout and - wait, why are you even still reading this?

Mean Pilsner

5.5% ABV

Our latest edition, our bundle of joy, our very first in-house brew. Aww, isn't it adorable!? It's a New Zealand pilsner, weighing in at 5.5%. Can you smell the flowers and citrus? I know right, it's beautiful! You can hold it if you like.

Mean XPA

5.0% ABV

Good lord, these tasting notes. "Pours a light gold", okay well that is literally true. "Aromas of lime with hints of pine and earthiness", I mean... it smells like fruit and trees? And... dirt? Maybe.

Maybe there's a whole ecosystem of taste happening here, I don't know. TBH my sense of smell is a bit rooted (don't smoke cigarettes kids, they're bad for you).

For me an XPA is a seasonal thing. When an independent brewery starts bringing out an XPA, you know it's gonna be T-shirt weather.

Come on, Wellington. T-shirt weather. We're waiting.

Mean Red IPA

6.5% ABV

Flavour notes for this one go: “mahogany goodness with mango, melon and mandarin on the nose, and pineapple...” – ah, whatever, I don't have my reading glasses and Dean’s handwriting is hard to decipher. I think it says “raisin and pine flavours”?

Hmm. I've never been good at identifying all these little fruit tastes, maybe people just make all that stuff up? I get more of a caramel thing from it. Anyway it's awesome – personally, this one is my favourite.


Guest Taps

Waitoa Mosaniac_SingleBadge.jpeg

Waitoa Social Club - Mosaniac

6.0% ABV

Single hop IPA with Mosaic fresh from Hataitai’s own Waitoa’s Bom Taker.

Brothers - Mantecore White IPA

6.0% ABV

Aromatic, dry hopped, extra crisp, not overly bitter using 100% Nelson hops.

Mean Nights

6.0% ABV

Our Mermaids Mirth is what we’d call our flagship beer in our higher ABV series and has been our most popular beer for many years before and I’m sure for many years beyond. Packed full of American Hops it has big Citrus flavour and is supported by clean malt base making this beer incredibly sessionable at 6%. As you feel euphoria and glee, you realize it truly is the Mermaids Mirth.

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About Them

This is the start of something, probably.

This is two ordinary people, opening a new business. 

Just regular people, like you or me, except they're making very, very good beer.


is the Brewer. After many years of “regular career”, and a very short-lived sideline as an house music producer – we haven't forgotten, Dean – he developed this compulsion for creating his own brews. 


This was in 2013, maybe? No-one's sure of the exact time-line. He had a basement set-up and a 30 litre starter kit, and at first we were all like “oh sweet, free beer”. But then he kept going. 

From that 30-litre, to a two vessel pot system, to a Grainfather, he just kept going. He was brewing on his own, he was brewing in all these various partnerships... there was a pumpkin beer which exploded all over my kitchen (true story), but apart from that one mishap the beers were coming out better and better. All sorts of beers, varieties we'd never even heard of.

When he got Second Place (i.e. First Loser) at Wellington Brew Day – that was in 2015 or 2016 – that's when people got worried. And then later, when a keg of his beer debuted at Bebemos and sold out in less than two hours – again, we were concerned. It was clearly turning into a thing.

Now, with a premises in the Wellington CBD, and powered by several tons of Chinese steel, we could not stop this man... not even if we wanted to.



is the Boss of the operation.

If you like the way the shop looks, smells, or “feels”, that's down to her. 

If you like the concepts and the general style, that's her too.

In fact pretty much everything to do with this company, which isn't the beer? That's Kerry*.


* Kerry would also like some credit for the beer.



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