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Hopstock, yeah baby. Hopstock! That's our annual fresh-hopped beer festival (you already know this, why am I telling you).

Each participating brewery gets assigned to a bar in the Wellington region by a random lottery process, it's total blind chance, and we at Mean Doses are just super-stoked that we got the Levin Cosmopolitan Club. Result!

So if you're 92.1 km out of Wellington next weekend (only 1 hour 16 minutes given favourable traffic) (which never happens btw) why not stop by and see if the Cossie Club is open? Use their TAB to blow all your money betting on horses races you don't understand. Or else play darts, chat to the locals, they'll love you. They might have a buffet on - or hey they might even be holding a meat raffle!!! I'm vegetarian personally, but you don't have to win to enjoy playing.

- - JUST JOKES WE GOT THE MALTHOUSE. Hahahaha I had you going, no, we're actually being poured at the pre-eminent Courtney Place Mecca of craft beer and so we are naturally ecstatic about this.

You probably want to know about the brand new beer we'll be serving - well allow me to introduce SO FRESH AND SO MEAN, the latest creation from the enormous and very expensive shiny metal system at our Tory Street premises. 

It's, well, it's fresh! It's an IPA! We shoved 20kg of fresh Nelson Sauvin into it, and piled on some Motueka and Riwaka to round it off, so I hope you like your Upper South Island hop varieties because *POW*, this one's like lightning and sunshine baby! It's like a massive bush fire of hop taste being doused by an army of heroic and hard-working volunteer malts, except not quite because the hop taste is still burning, it's out of control! Or else this description is. 

OK I'll stop. Sorry Nelson.

(not sorry Levin)


Mean Taps

Mean Haze Kveik

6.6% ABV

You ever see the 1980s Dune film? The David Lynch one? Most people say it was confusing. Me, I loved it.

Anyway, you know the scene where they "fold space" - where the Navigator, that fish-baby-thing, floats in a glowing liquid and shoots golden light from its mouth? And that's how they travel through the galaxy? True story: this is the beer they used to shoot that scene. It's a hazy IPA with Nelson Sauvin, Citra and Riwaka hops.

The Haze must flow.

Mean Juice

5.7% ABV

Some people say they don't like hazy pale ales. They reckon they look weird, or that the massive fruit flavours are too intense. Some other people say there's no accounting for taste.

Both of these groups of people are wrong. Hazy 'New England style' pale ales are awesome, there IS accounting for taste, and we are watching you. You have been warned.

Mean Dawn

6.3% ABV

Aww yes people, another fine red ale. We've used a secret combination of hops (i.e. Dean has forgotten what they were) to bring you the very finest, the most tastiest fruit flavours over this rich malt base.

Don't be a hater. Don't wrinkle your nose at this wonderful creation, just because it's a red and some other (inferior) reds made you think you don't like reds. You DO like reds. You like THIS red. And it likes YOU back.

Mean Bounty


Welcome aboard the HMS Mean Bounty.

As you might have guessed, it's generally about the chocolate and coconut (which is possibly a fruit), and this Raspberry Horizon edition is all about the raspberry (definitely a fruit).

It's yummy, it's brown, it's lighter than a stout and - wait, why are you even still reading this?

Mean IPA

6.7% ABV

Because you need an IPA, don’t you? You do. I mean a brewery needs an IPA, sure, that’s just basic business sense.

But you, the people, you need this too.

This IPA is deep and golden, it has all kinds of citrus in it, but also with a clean, balanced bitterness. It’s like a balm for your weary soul. I have seen people cheer up, very quickly, upon tasting this IPA (true story).

Mean Pilsner

5.5% ABV

Our latest edition, our bundle of joy, our very first in-house brew. Aww, isn't it adorable!? It's a New Zealand pilsner, weighing in at 5.5%. Can you smell the flowers and citrus? I know right, it's beautiful! You can hold it if you like.


Guest Taps

Bassline - Fresh Hop Red House

5.3% ABV

A fresh hop red ale, brewed with Atawhai hops: a mystery breed grown in the backyard of the family home in Nelson. It's a beautiful mix of flavour from malt - toffee, caramel - and hops - floral, tropical, citrus. This beer is packed with fresh hops, but ends soft and smooth with a balanced bitterness.

There's a red house over yonder, that's where my beer stays.

Baylands - Waifly VI

6.5% ABV

Fresh hop IPA

Stone/ Urbanaut - Escondido

8.2% ABV

A collaborative effort with Stone Brewing, we knew it was always going to be big on hops! An American IPA recipe brewed with all NZ ingredients. The result is a Double IPA with huge tropical fruit aromas of pineapple, guava and orange with a refreshing bitterness.

New New New Corp - One Must Fall

6.9% ABV

A classic American-style hoppy IPA, blending Citra and Mosaic to lend punchy flavour up front, with resinous pine notes following. Balanced, smooth and taking the high ground at 6.9%, One Must Fall is the ideal fermented beverage to drink with your mind.

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About Them

This is the start of something, probably.

This is two ordinary people, opening a new business. 

Just regular people, like you or me, except they're making very, very good beer.


is the Brewer. After many years of “regular career”, and a very short-lived sideline as an house music producer – we haven't forgotten, Dean – he developed this compulsion for creating his own brews. 


This was in 2013, maybe? No-one's sure of the exact time-line. He had a basement set-up and a 30 litre starter kit, and at first we were all like “oh sweet, free beer”. But then he kept going. 

From that 30-litre, to a two vessel pot system, to a Grainfather, he just kept going. He was brewing on his own, he was brewing in all these various partnerships... there was a pumpkin beer which exploded all over my kitchen (true story), but apart from that one mishap the beers were coming out better and better. All sorts of beers, varieties we'd never even heard of.

When he got Second Place (i.e. First Loser) at Wellington Brew Day – that was in 2015 or 2016 – that's when people got worried. And then later, when a keg of his beer debuted at Bebemos and sold out in less than two hours – again, we were concerned. It was clearly turning into a thing.

Now, with a premises in the Wellington CBD, and powered by several tons of Chinese steel, we could not stop this man... not even if we wanted to.



is the Boss of the operation.

If you like the way the shop looks, smells, or “feels”, that's down to her. 

If you like the concepts and the general style, that's her too.

In fact pretty much everything to do with this company, which isn't the beer? That's Kerry*.


* Kerry would also like some credit for the beer.



Opening Hours

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Monday - closed
Tuesday - closed

Wednesday - 12pm - 7pm

Thursday - 12pm - 7pm

Friday - 12pm - 8pm

Saturday - 11am - 8pm

Sunday - 11am - 5pm

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Address 130 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington, NZ

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